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A three-year project that will work towards building sustainable resilient communities with local heritage drivers.

Project’s background

Recent crises and disasters have affected the European citizens’ lives, livelihoods, and environment in unforeseen and unprecedented ways. They have transformed our very understanding of them by reshaping hitherto unchallenged notions of the “local” and the “global” and putting into question well-rehearsed conceptual distinctions of “natural” and “man-made” disasters. These disasters are exacerbated by social inequality, lack of adequate information and technology, as well as economic and political crises, that reduce the effective preparedness and response.

Echoing the Sendai Framework and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development on the role of culture, RESILIAGE understands the community practices as “Cultural Natural Heritage”  and aims to access it as a source for Disaster Risk Management . CNH, therefore, is not merely something to be protected from crises, but a driver for co-creating solutions against disasters.


That enables for a step change in Disaster Risk Management and Preparedness Plans by building community-based civic resilience.
RESILIAGE will map crisis preparedness in 5 Community Resilience locations against the background of international crisis preparedness to identify gaps in risk awareness, preparation, policy implementation, and training as well as identify potentialities and best practices to incubate community resilience.
RESILIAGE will identify human factors (psychological, social, cultural, historical, etc.) critical in crisis response, risk perception, risk communication & cooperation for 5 crisis scenarios and beyond. In addition, the project will investigate their interrelation, including a temporal dimension (pre-/post-crisis), in experimental simulation studies, as a basis to improve cooperation between first responder organisations and citizens. Further ahead, the project will co-shape and co-develop digital tools and soft solutions with the communities.
RESILIAGE will develop and test digital and non-digital tools, methods and solutions for a community better connected to first responders, while being better prepared to recover in post-disaster traumas. Furthermore, citizens will be more aware of their physical environment and mindful of the heritage drivers.
Within RESILIAGE, communities will play a central role at the grassroots level: from data co-mapping for modelling behaviours and co-shaping strategies, to the validation of tools and solutions, local stakeholders will be at the core of the actionable knowledge produced on societal resilience.

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